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True Salon & Spa of Elk Grove is pleased to offer a variety of specialty hair services to our clients.  Our highly trained and experienced staff can offer excellent recommendations regarding the particular service that you desire.  Please read below to learn more about several of our specialty hair services:


Sombre - price upon consultation


Micro-Link Hair Extensions

The long, beautiful flowing locks seen on fashion runways and in celebrity circles are among the most popular styles in the beauty industry.  These long and gorgeous hair styles can be yours using the most advanced technology of hair extensions available in the fashion industry today--Micro-Link Hair Extensions. 

Micro-Link Hair Extensions are the only hair extensions that do not require the use of braids, heat, adhesives, chemicals, sewing, or braiding for applying the extensions to your existing hair.  Because of this, Micro-Links Hair extensions are highly preferred by clients wishing to achieve the most natural looking hair extensions possible.  The process for applying the extensions involves the use of round colored coil type attachments that are carefully matched to the color of your hair, giving your hair weave a natural appearance. 

Many hair extensions on the market today can actually leave your hair severely damaged due to poor application methods.  MicroLink Hair Extensions, however, will actually benefit the health of your hair and leave it healthier than before!  Our hair extensions will protect your hair from the normal stress of every day wear and will last up to 5 months.

We invite you to make an appointment with Whitney our extension specialist. To learn more just call and set up a complimentary consultation with Whitney today!


Beachy Curls

Get that Just-Out-Of-The-Ocean look with beautiful Beachy Curls.  This specialty perm allows your hair to have soft waves and curls just as if you have spent a day on the surf and sand.   Your beachy curls will last for weeks, giving you a gorgeous casual style without the need for curling irons and products.  Make an appointment with Sharon for this trendy celebrity look.


Hair Tipping


Hair Tipping is one of the newest trends to give your hair a unique and beautiful accent of color at the ends!  Tip your hair with your choice of colors--bold or subtle, light or dark, one color or several-- for a little bit of interest and a lot of fun!


Men's Camo Color

Want to keep a little of the gray?  Our new Color Camo treatment does not cover gray hair completely. It is formulated to “camouflage” gray hair and blend it in with natural pigmented hair. Even after 10 minutes results are natural and not opaque. Color Camo treatments are recommended for men who have 50% gray or less.

Our latest formula has been reformulated to blend the same amount of gray in 5 minutes that it used to in 10 minutes. It provides six shades of custom coverage options, cooler tonality and low maintenance results.


ISO Perms

Perm technology has come a long way, and unlike the perms of the past, today's perms today have the ability to deliver sexy, fashion-forward texture without sacrificing the health of your hair.

Sharon, owner of True Salon & Spa, is pleased to offer the award-winning professional perm system from ISO, completely free of thio, the damaging activator found in many traditional perms, and also available in four unique formulations for different hair types and desired results.  Sharon has 30 years of experience in performing perms and is confident that she can provide the exact curl or wave that you desire while alos maintaining the health of your hair.

So what else makes ISO Option Waves so special?

  • Damage-free, low ammonia formulation
  • ISOamine™, an exclusive technology that allows for deeper and more even penetration into the hair's cortex with minimal swelling of the cuticle. Minimal swelling means hair's internal and external structures and condition are maintained
  • Enables texture and color to be applied in the same day
  • Four unique formulas for every hair type(from fine to colored to resistant hair) to provide customized results
  • Six-time consecutive winner of's Stylist Choice Award for "Favorite Permanent Wave".
  • The best-selling perms in the thio-free perm market, and the second best-selling perms in the overall perm market. Considering that there are approximately 950 perming systems in the overall perm market, this is an amazing standing!

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